World’s ugliest animals

By Wes Judd 16 September 2013
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The saggy-looking blobfish has won a competition designed to raise awareness for ugly endangered animals.

RESEMBLING AN ANGRY, bald old man, Australia’s blobfish was deemed the world’s ugliest animal by organisers of a competition to raise the profile of aesthetically challenged animals in need of conservation help.

The public was invited to vote in the competition, hosted by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, Australia, and the British National Science and Engineering Competiton. More than 3000 votes were gathered from across the globe.

The blobfish lives in the deep sea between southern Australia and Tasmania, and is on the verge of becoming endangered due to deep-ocean trawling.

Conservation for ugly animals

After winning the competition, the blobfish has now been named the mascot of the UK’s Ugly Animal Preservation Society. The society hopes to encourage support of endangered species that aren’t as cute and cuddly as pandas or tigers.

Australia’s fauna was represented once more among the nine winners with the pig-nose turtle, and, controversially, New Zealand’s kakapo was ranked number two. Third place was awarded to the proboscis monkey.

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