Ryan Shan captured this spectacular image of the Aurora Australis at Verona Sands in the Huon Valley on Saturday night.

“To the naked eye, an Aurora will look more like a white flickering light,” Ryan says, “but on this particular day they were like dancing curtains of light across the sky with a yellow green glow. It was really magical to see them moving around right in front of you.”

So how did Ryan get such a great shot? He says it’s all about timing.

“The most clear view South you can find is the best spot to begin. I check sites like spaceweather.com and the Facebook page ‘Aurora Australis Tasmania’ ahead of any photography trip.

On 20th of March, I saw some discussions that the Aurora Australis was visible in New Zealand. The sun was going down in Hobart, and there were completely clear skies. I decided to head to the location that I picked earlier and I set up my camera before it completely got dark,” making way for a great shot.