Branching Out

    Golden light illuminates the ghost gums during a spectacular sunrise on the edge of the escarpment from Point Lookout, New England National Park, New South Wales, Australia.

    Point Lookout, New England National Park, New South Wales

    Canon 6D, Canon 16-35 mm f/2.8L II USM, 1/50, f/16, ISO 160, tripod, circular polarised filter

    Photo Credit: Drew Hopper, New South Wales

    In My Heart

    Hammersley Gorge is one of my favourite places in Karijini National Park. It is an hour drive from most of the other gorges. The rock formations are unique as well as their colours and textures. This is one of the smooth rock pools carved out of the otherwise rough surface.

    Karijini National Park, Western Australia

    Sony A7r, Canon 16-35 mm F2.8, 4, f/16, ISO 50, tripod, circular polariser, focus stacked and a third exposure

    Photo Credit: Dylan Fox, Western Australia

    Brash and Berg

    The meeting of two ice forms gave rise to an image containing form and texture. Leaning over the side of the zodiac to shoot close to the water’s surface added depth to the foreground, as well as showing what lay below. A blizzard also introduced the additional element of mood.

    Gourdin Island, Antarctic Peninsula

    Canon EOS 1DX Mk II, Canon EOS 11-24 mm f/4L USM, 1/200, f/14, ISO 400, handheld

    Photo Credit: Clara Davies, Victoria

    Gold on Gould

    This image was taken during a three night exploration of the Labyrinth which lies off the southern end of the Overland Track. It was taken during a beautiful sunset as light crept over the gums and distant Mount Gould as seen from Lake Selene.

    The Labyrinth, Tasmania

    Sony A7R2, Canon 70-200 mm f4L IS, 1/5, f/11, ISO 100, circular polariser, four stop soft-edged GND, carbon fibre tripod, single RAW multiple processed for dynamic range

    Photo Credit: Dylan Toh, South Australia

    Lonely Peak

    I named this image Lonely Peak because it was a beautifully-shaped wave, breaking in a desolate environment far from civilisation. A beauty that is rarely seen. I also had to scale a cliff face to achieve this elevated angle and capture depth between the subject, foreground and background.

    Bremer Bay, South Australia.

    Canon 7D Mk II, Canon 100-400 mm f/4.5-5.6, 1/1000, f/5, ISO 320, handheld

    Photo Credit: Philip Thurston, New South Wales

    Spirit in Country

    It took several attempts circling around at 3000 feet to direct my pilot into position so I could get the angle I wanted and keep the strut of the wing out of shot. To me, this looks like a person side-on laying in the earth.

    Lake Eyre, South Australia

    Nikon D800, Nikon 24-70 mm, 1/1600, f/8, ISO 200, handheld

    Photo Credit: Julie Fletcher, South Australia

    Glory of Light

    After a day of heavy rain on the Routeburn Track, the skies cleared on a remarkably still and colourful sunset over Lake Mackenzie.

    Lake Mackenzie, Routeburn Track, New Zealand

    Canon 5D Mk III, Canon 16-35 mm f2.8II, 1.6 and 6, f/16, ISO 100, circular polariser, carbon fibre tripod, two RAW images blended for dynamic range

    Photo Credit: Dylan Toh, South Australia

    Deception Island

    Left abandoned for many decades, the remnants of old whaling stations are slowly being consumed back into the earth by the volcanic activity that bubbles beneath the surface. Deception Island on the Antarctic Peninsula is a crater where the frozen Southern Ocean is warmed by the hot volcanic activity below.


    Canon 1DX Mk II, 100-400 mm, 1/800, f/8, ISO 640

    Photo Credit: Scott Portelli, New South Wales

    Kosciuszko Ice

    Ice remaining from winter in Kosciuszko National Park forms an eerie, endless scene with the low cloud on Carruthers Peak.

    Kosciuszko National Park, New South Wales

    Nikon D7200, Nikon Nikkor AF-S 18-200 mm f/3.5-5.6G II, 1/200, f/8, ISO 200, handheld

    Photo Credit: Ryan North, New South Wales

    Wood for Trees

    Attracted by the beautiful Jarrah and Marri trees that rose amongst the grass and shrubs on a wander through Ambergate Nature Reserve, I wanted to capture an impressionistic image contrasting the green undergrowth against the tree trunks.

    Ambergate Nature Reserve, near Busselton, Western Australia

    Canon 6D, Canon 100 mm f2.8 macro IS USM, 0.8, f/20, ISO 50, handheld, vertical pan during exposure

    Photo Credit: Tim Grime, Western Australia

    Takayna Dawn

    Dawn hues of an approaching cold front highlight the granite-pinnacle coastline along the Tarkine. A relentless oceanic swell over the aeons has eroded much of this foreshore into a dramatic landscape. Photo compositions are numerous though windless days with good lighting are infrequent making it challenging conditions for long exposure images.

    Tarkine Coastline, Tasmania

    Nikon 810, Nikon 14–24mm, 4, f/22, ISO 64, polariser filter, tripod

    Photo Credit: Ted Mead, Tasmania

AG Nature Photographer of the Year 2017: Landscape shortlist

By AG STAFF | June 9, 2017

This category asked for photographs of landscape or seascape with minimal evidence of human settlement or interference. These photos will be exhibited at the South Australian Museum in Adelaide (11 August to 24 September) and the Australian Museum in Sydney (11 August to 10 December)