Tiny Sydney timelapse video

By AG Staff Writer March 21, 2016
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Sydney is even prettier in miniature.

IT’S AMAZING WHAT a bit of clever post-production work can do, bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘model city’.

After location-scouting and story-boarding, three days of shooting and a solid week of editing, Sydney-based videographer Filippo Rivetti finished up with this award-winning clip showing Sydney in quirky, miniature-perspective using an effect called ’tilt-shift’.

“The tilt-shift effect gives a miniature look through the use of selective focus, fooling the eye,” explains Filippo. “This effect is usually given through the use of specific lenses, but for Tiny Sydney I chose to apply the effect in post production. This gave me freedom to apply the effect when and where I wanted, and also to change it throughout the sequences.”

Filippo also played with zoom transitions “to make the whole video seem like a seamless journey across the city,” he says. “These zooms are achieved by linking together sequences filmed with different focal-length lenses, shot at the same time at the same location.”

The video was shot from Bondi Beach, Sydney Tower Eye, Pylon Lookout and Dudley Page Reserve. It was the Vimeo Staff pick on 6 April 2014 and part of flEXiff 2014 Official Selection with more than 400,000 views online.