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Surviving the Kimberley

To experience the predicament that almost killed two stranded German aviators in 1932, a modern-day adventurer sets off solo into the Kimberley with only minimal supplies.


1987: One year in the wilderness

Apart from radio contact with the RFDS base at Derby, 240km away, Mike Cusack, a ranger, and his wife Susan, a naturopath, were left entirely alone, by Australian Geographic, to survive for a year in 1987 in the remote Kimberley. Last Wednesday they received a special commemorative award on behalf of AG.

History & Culture

The flying padre

Take to the air with the Uniting Church pastor whose Central Australian parish – at more than half a million square kilometres – is bigger than many countries.


Red dust, gold heart

Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory is as gritty as it is charming. And with its swag of multicultural locals and zealous community spirit, it’s a town now luring newcomers with more than just its precious metal.