In pictures: creatures of Australia’s deep sea abyss


In 2017, scientists from Museums Victoria, the CSIRO and NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub returned from a 31-day, deep sea voyage from Launceston to Brisbane, having uncovered a collection of weird and frightful creatures from 4000 m below the surface. More than one third of the creatures found during the research expedition were previously unknown to science.

GALLERY: Deadly Oceans


Take a tour of the world’s deadliest sea creatures with these amazing images from Deadly Oceans: In Search Of The Deadliest Sea Creatures, a new book by conservation-led underwater photographers, biologists and journalists, Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown. Some of them might surprise you!

Fresh Eyre


From this cup-shaped cove at Wanna, Sleaford Bay spills across 18km of surf and wind-scalloped dunes along Lincoln National Park’s south-western boundary on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula.