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Andrew Lock: How to survive climbing the world’s highest mountains

Andrew Lock is Australia´s most accomplished mountaineer who has climbed all of the world´s fourteen 8000+ metre summits without supplemental oxygen. From Shishapangma in China to Everest, the mother of all mountains, Andrew has managed to survive these risky adventures. In this episode he shares his route to becoming one of our greatest mountaineers and what else he is up to these days. Here you can find out more about Andrew´s endeavours: www.andrew-lock.com This Episode of Talking Australia is hosted by Liz Ginis and produced by Ben Kanthak (www.beachshackpodcasts.com). You can also follow us on Instagram @australiangeographic.


The high way to Leh: Himalayan journey

The Himalayan route from Manali to Leh in north-western India reaches altitudes of more than 5000m. Doing it on a bicycle will have you gasping for every breath, but this could well be the ultimate two-wheeled adventure.


Luxury adventures in Bhutan

Can adventure and luxury co-exist? And if they do, can it really be called adventure at all? Australian Geographic Adventure travels to Bhutan to put this emerging concept to the test.