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History & Culture

Kelpie, king of the mob

Fast, smart and always raring to go, the kelpie has been a fixture on Australian stations for more than a century. These days, the canine icon is not just a working dog but also a showman and beloved pet to many.

History & Culture

GALLERY: Australia’s high country cattlemen

In her latest book, photographer Melanie Faith Dove depicts Australian mountain cattlemen through four seasons of work, from droving their cattle into the high country during summer, to mustering them home in autumn before the snow falls. In capturing the spirit of the mountain cattlemen, Melanie communicates the challenges they face; in May 2015, grazing cattle was banned in alpine national parks in Victoria, but the legend lives on in State Forests.


Dawn of the dingo

The genes of dingoes, dogs and wolves suggests they all evolved from a long gone ancestor, turning existing theories of dog origins on their heads.