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Marj! The rains are here

Flooding not flowing – this week’s Todd River “banker” was a corker, says award-winning filmmaker and Alice Springs local, Chris Tangey, who captured this stunning drone footage.


GALLERY: stunning flocks of budgies in Alice Springs

During the hot, dry summer months, Alice Springs is often beset by a beautiful plague – flocks of thousands of green budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulatus) in search of increasingly scarce sources of water. Photographer Steven Pearce says that there was around 4000 birds congregating around the waterhole just after dawn.

History & Culture

The flying padre

Take to the air with the Uniting Church pastor whose Central Australian parish – at more than half a million square kilometres – is bigger than many countries.


Paddling through the desert

The idea of paddling down the Cooper Creek in the Central Australian outback was madness. And yet, thanks to La Niña rains, it was not only possible but appealing.