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Science & Environment

The botanical illustrations of Anne Hayes

Anne Hayes has completed several assignments on botanical themes for Australian Geographic. And like any AG commission, each one has been founded on accuracy attained through detailed and thorough research and observation. This is a selection of Anne’s work.

History & Culture

Gallery: The longest running botanical magazine

Curtis’s Botanical Magazine began publication in 1787 and intended to familiarise its readers with plants from all over the Empire, which it presented as floral paintings by noted artists who, previously had only been accessible by an affluent audience. Its publication saw their work accessible by a wider audience with a growing interest in exotic species. A Celebration of Australian Flowers – Curtis’s Botanical Magazine is running at the Redbox Gallery until 30 November 2017 Mrs Macquaries Rd. The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

History & Culture

Vintage illustrated botanical stamps

The significance of stamp art often goes under appreciated. Compacted into small, square dimensions, featured illustrations offer a slice of Australian history. We’ve been using postal stamps as early as 1812 and since this time we’ve communicated our landmarks, our icons and treasured moments in our history. However nothing communicates the beauty, rich and rare of the country quite like our native flora. Here, we look back on the intricate botanical illustrations that have adorned Australian stamps over the decades.