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Wondering what kind of riding you might like to do? Here’s a quick guide to four of the most popular disciplines within the sport.

What it takes to ride a bicycle to the South Pole: Kate Leeming

Talking Australia
What it takes to ride a bicycle to the South Pole: Kate Leeming
Kate Leeming has taken cycling to a whole new level. She has pedalled a distance greater than twice the world’s circumference and crossed almost every continent, through scorching deserts and bitterly cold polar regions. She has experienced different cultures and people, and bent the ideas of what’s possible to achieve on a bike. She also started the Breaking the Cycle education program to give back to people in regions she visited during her adventures. On this episode she´ll be discussing her next major challenge: The first-ever bicycle crossing of the Antarctic continent via the South Pole. You can find out more about Kate´s adventures here: This Episode of Talking Australia is hosted by Justin Walker (Editor Australian Geographic Adventure) and produced by Ben Kanthak ( You can also follow us on Instagram @australiangeographic


Hiking and biking in Cape Tribulation

Dallas Hewett and Derek Morrison weren’t sure what the mysterious draw was to Cedar Bay, but they left with a deeper understanding of why so many before had also felt a similar intrigue and connection