On the frontier

By AG STAFF June 4, 2014
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AGS-sponsored group Adventure for Change set out to document and publicise Greenland’s changing environment.

SUPPORTED BY THE AG Society, scientists and filmmakers Dr Dean Miller and Aaron Jamieson headed to the harsh and fragile ecosystems of Greenland (Kalaallit Nunaat) in March 2014.

They endured temperatures well below zero during a two-month expedition to document the effects of climate change on the wildlife and indigenous people. 

Under the banner of Adventure for Change, their goal was to publicise the impacts. They kept in touch with the rest of the world via regular social media updates, with the assistance of Australia-based team member Jenna Rumney. 

Setting up base camp near Constable Pynt, in eastern Greenland, they travelled more than 5000km, using planes and snowmobiles or going the hard yards by foot or on skis.

Faced with having to dig out equipment and manage 80km/h winds, the team photographed, filmed and blogged as they explored the 2.16-million-square-kilometre Arctic island.

The Inuit people of Ittoqqortoormiit, about 40km south-east of Constable Pynt, taught them much.

“It was so amazing to see a traditional culture living in an extreme place, still hunting and eating polar bears…yet they also have the latest iPhone 5 and listen to Gangnam Style,” Dean says.