AG Society

Founded in 1987 by Dick Smith, the Australian Geographic Society is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting scientific research, protecting and fostering a love for our environmental and natural heritage, encouraging the spirit of discovery and spreading the knowledge of Australia to Australians and the world.

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Dick Smith AC, patron, David Haslingden, chair, and the trustees and members of the advisory council of the Australian Geographic Society invite you to join them for the 2018 Australian Geographic Society Awards.

AG Lifetime of Adventure Awards


This is the Society’s highest honour and recognises those special Australians who have not only lived an adventurous life, but have also put something back into Australia and inspired other Australians. Here are the past winners.

AG Young Adventurer of the Year Award


First presented in 1989, the Australian Geographic Young Adventurer of the Year is awarded to a person under 30, this award usually reflects a particular expedition or adventure during the previous 12–18 months. Here are the past winners.

AG Young Conservationist of the Year Awards


The Australian Geographic Young Conservationist of the Year recognises young Australians who have a passion for conservation and have shown an outstanding contribution to the conservation of Australia’s natural heritage. Here are the past winners.

AG Lifetime of Conservation Award


Like the Lifetime of Adventure, this honour is given to those who have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to their field. Awarded for the first time in 2008, this award reflects the AG ethos that being a conservationist is not a trend, but a lifelong pursuit that all Australians should aspire to. Here are the past winners.

Save the grassland earless dragon in the ACT


The grassland earless dragon – one of Australia’s most stunning lizards – was once widespread in south-eastern Australia. Now just 1 per cent of its original population survives. Some occur in the ACT, and individuals have been found at locations near Cooma, NSW. But it hasn’t been seen in Victoria since 1969. Vast areas have… View Article