Help save marine turtles

By AG STAFF February 27, 2023
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Help us help the Sea Turtle Foundation (STF) to save marine turtles and you’ll be helping to save the world. No that’s not an exaggeration!

These ancient reptiles contribute in so many ways to ocean ecosystems that their role in the future of the planet can’t be underestimated.

Huge numbers of turtle eggs and hatchlings are eaten by fish and birds, providing the important fundamental nutrition driving many marine food webs.

By cropping leaves and distributing seeds, turtles are crucial to the health of seagrass beds, which in turn support countless other oceanic species.

Turtles also increase the productivity of coral reefs by grazing on algae that might otherwise prevent coral poly growth… and we all know how important coral reefs are.

Your funds will particularly help the STF to rescue turtles that become stranded due to pollution, boat strikes and plastic ingestion.

You can make a difference. Please make a tax deductible donation today. Donate here.