AG Society Adventure Awards

By AG STAFF 5 July 2010
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Past winners of the Australian Geographic Society Adventure Awards.

AG Adventurer of the Year Award

Recognising greatness since 1987, the Australian Geographic Society Adventurer of the Year Award is Australia’s longest running award for adventure. The Adventurer of the Year Award has been bestowed to some of the country’s most respected adventurers. As the AG Awards are a celebration of achievement and not a competition as such, not all categories are awarded annually. Each nomination and category is judged on merit alone.

2022 Lisa Blair

2019 Michelle Lee

2018 Steve Plain

2017 Sandy Robson

2016 Michael Smith

2015 John Jacoby, Chris Porter, Andrew Maffett and Jim Bucirde

2014 Jason Beachcroft

2013 Tim Jarvis

2012 Pat Farmer

2010 Linda Beilharz

2009 Andrew Lock

2008 Josef Truban

2007 Lloyd Godson

2006 Tim Cope

2005 Andrew McCauley

2004 Jon Johanson

2003 Sue Fear

2002 Jon Muir

2001 Tammy van Wisse

2000 Dick Smith 

1999 David Mason

1998 David Lewis

1997 Syd Kirkby

1996 Don & Margie McIntyre

1995 Dennis Bartell

1994 Len Beadell

1993 Warwick Deacock

1992 Val & Ron Taylor

1991 Warren Bonython

1990 Hans Tholstrup

1989 Dot Butler

1988 Philip Law

1987 Colin Putt