Search continues for sponsorship awardee

By AG Society 2 December 2013
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AG’s first women-only sponsorship continues to prove a tricky appointment.

The review panel for the Nancy Bird Walton Sponsorship met on Thursday 11 February.

After much discussion all members of the panel were in agreement that the project chosen should be:

1. Initiated by and led by a woman
2. Ground breaking – either through a new adventure or new scientific project, or because it is an endeavour that’s beyond the applicant’s known skills or past experience
3. Inspirational to a new generation of Australian female adventurers
4. Remindful of Nancy Bird Walton’s legacy
5. Able to be communicated to a wide audience
As this is the inaugural Nancy Bird Walton Sponsorship, each application was then rigorously reviewed with these outcomes in mind.

After a great deal of deliberation, the panel made the decision that in order to honour Nancy Bird’s legacy as a true pioneer for women adventurers, it was appropriate to hold off on awarding the sponsorship until the right applicant was found.

The review panel then decided to re-open the sponsorship application period for a further three months (until 30 April 2010). Shortly after that closing date the panel will reconvene to look over all applications. If, after that time, a suitable applicant is still not found, the sponsorship will be held over until 2011, when the amount to be awarded will accumulate to a total of $10,000.

Apply for the Nancy Bird Walton Sponsorship now (PDF) or email the Society administrator for more information on [email protected].

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