You’d be barking mad to miss this year’s Top Dog Film Festival

By Miranda Tom 1 August 2022
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Who doesn’t love watching heart-warming films of furry friends em-barking on adventures? (See what we did there?)

Top Dog Film Festival is back for 2022, celebrating canine companions and the amazing relationships they hold with their owners. In honour of its sixth year, Top Dog Film Festival showcases six awe-inspiring films created by independent filmmakers from around the world.

Founder Jemima Robinson shares her excitement for this year’s festival, describing the variety of stories shared in the selected films, including canine heroes, senior dogs and even traditional dog sledding in Greenland.

“This family-friendly, loved-by-all film festival presents a two-hour cinematic celebration honouring the bond between dogs and their people,” says Jemima. “Seeing the impact that dogs have on the lives of their owners and those around them never ceases to amaze me. 

“While each of the six films in this year’s program are very different, the common thread is the incredible impact dogs have on our lives; how they can make us smile, save us from misfortune, provide us with hope and fill our hearts with love.”

Screening at a cinema near you in August – visit the link below to view tour dates and locations!  

Top Dog Film Festival Dates & Tickets

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