Australia Post releases ‘Australia’s Volcanic Past’ stamps

By Australian Geographic 13 July 2021
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A new collection of stamps tell the story of Australia’s volcanic past.

Australia Post has officially launched its collection of stamps titled ‘Australia’s Volcanic Past’ and they don’t disappoint.

They chose to focus on four locations; Table Cape (Tas), Mount Elephant (Vic), Lord Howe Island (NSW) and Wollumbin Mount Warning (NSW).

Enlisting the help of Macquarie University volcanologist Heather Handley, the stamp collection spotlights Australia’s lesser-known volcanic past.

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“When you think of Australia, images of koalas and kangaroos, sun-drenched beaches and vast red landscapes probably come to your mind, but probably not volcanoes,” Heather says.

“Yet, there’s a vast tract, more than 4000 kilometres in length, down the east coast of Australia that has been forged by volcanic fire more than tens of millions of years ago to just 5000 years ago.

“I think it’s absolutely wonderful that Australia Post is raising awareness of Australia’s rich volcanic heritage and I hope that it will encourage people to find out more and hopefully visit a volcano.”

You can read more about the stamp collection here.