A long way from home: crocodile spotted on the Great Barrier Reef

By Australian Geographic 3 February 2020
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A crocodile hasn’t been seen on Agincourt Reef for 30 years.

FOR THE FIRST time in over 30 years, a crocodile has been spotted on Agincourt Reef, just off Port Douglas on the Great Barrier Reef.

Queensland Environment and Heritage Wildlife Officers believe it may have been flushed out during the recent heavy storms and became “a little lost.”

“This is the first time in our operation of travelling to Agincourt on a daily basis for over 30 years that we’ve ever seen a crocodile so far out at sea.

“We monitored the crocodile, which was away from the diving platform, but once it became activem as an extra precaution, our skipper asked everyone to exit the water. It was certainly a unique wildlife experience for our visitors.”

The crocodile has not been seen since Friday afternoon and is believed to have moved on.