Boa constrictor ‘at large’ in Western Sydney

By Australian Geographic 14 October 2019
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Be on the lookout!

The NSW Government has warned Sydney residents that a boa constrictor is ‘at large’, after the discovery of a freshly-shed snakeskin.

The snakeskin, discovered at a property within the Cascades Estate in Silverdale, suggests that snake could be around 2.5m long.

Local snake catchers were unable to locate the snake in the areas surrounding where the snake skin was found. 

The boa constrictor is native to Central America and is a major threat to native Australian wildlife and humans.

Boa constrictors cannot be legally owned by anyone in NSW other than a zoo, which means that the owners may not come forward.

The NSW Government is asking residents to keep on the lookout, but not to approach the snake under any circumstances. 

Residents are being advised to simple observe and if possible photograph the animal and to contact a snake handler immediately. 

You can also report the sighting to the government here.