Young platypus strangled by discarded hairbands

By Australian Geographic 29 May 2019
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The hairbands had created deep wounds, leaving no choice but to euthanise the juvenile platypus.

A VICTORIAN wildlife shelter has been forced to euthanise a young platypus after it became tangled in discarded hairbands.

The platypus was first discovered by two people walking along the Ovens River in Bright, when they came across the distressed animal.

According to the Staghorn Wildlife Shelter, the female juvenile had discarded hairbands constricting her neck and front leg.

hairbands platypus

(Image credit: Staghorn Wildlife Shelter)

“The wounds were down to the bone and recovery from them impossible,” they wrote on their official Facebook page.

“This tragic outcome highlights the dangers faced by platypus in our waterways,” they added.

The platypus was euthanised on Saturday by a nearby veterinary clinic.

Staghorn Wildlife Shelter warned of the dangers platypus face because of litter entanglement, encouraging people to be more mindful.