New 50 cent coin features 14 Aboriginal Australian languages

By Australian Geographic 9 April 2019
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The new coin was released today.

IN CELEBRATION of the International Year of Indigenous Languages, the Australian Mint has released a 50 cent coin decorated in 14 different Aboriginal Australian words for money.

The Mint collaborated with Indigenous language custodian groups and was designed by the Mint’s senior coin sculptor and coin designer Aleksandra Stokic.

Prior to European colonisation there was no word for money, but new words were created over time and mainly derived from words Aboriginal Australians had for stone and rock.

“Indigenous languages are under threat worldwide and there is an urgent need to protect them for the future,” an official statement from the Mint says.

“Australia’s many and varied Indigenous languages comprise a unique linguistic treasure, and are now being actively recorded, revitalized and shared for the benefit of all future Australian generations.”

You may be lucky enough to find it among your loose change soon or you can purchase the coin directly here.