Large gold nugget found in Western Australia

By AG Staff 3 November 2017
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The unearthing of the large gold nugget follows a suite of discoveries in the area over the past month leaving prospectors hopeful for even bigger yields in the near future.

A LARGE gold nugget weighing over half a kilo has been unearthed in Mertondale in the goldfields of Western Australia, close to a now abandoned mining area.

The nugget weighed in at exactly 21 ounces (670.3 grams) and was discovered by prospectors of a relatively young mining company, Magnetic Resources.  

gold nuggets WA

(Image Credit: Magnetic Resources)

It’s been a record few months for the prospectors who have found more than 50 ounces worth around $82,700— of large gold nuggets in the area, all discovered at shallow depths with just a metal detector.

“We are very impressed by the size of these nuggets, 10oz and 21oz, which appear to have come from an underlying bedrock source near existing aeromagnetic targets in an emerging gold province,” said the Magnetic Resources managing director George Sakalidis.

gold nuggets WA

(Image Credit: Magnetic Resources)

The area between Leonora and Laverton, where the string of gold nuggets have been dug up is located on pastoral land. But George doesn’t see this as an issue.

“We have acted quickly to ensure Magnetic benefits from any nuggets recovered by signing a tribute agreement with the local pastoralist.”

Magnetic Resources is now exploring the area for more nuggets.

“We already have seven kilometres of prospective multi element targets at Mertondale and Christmas Well and are completing infill work there and preparing to start some shallow drill testing here as well,” George said.

In comparison to the biggest gold nuggets found in Australia, the yield may seem small, but finding such large deposits in a concentrated area, just below soil surface is considered rare.