Artists Gillie and Marc to create the biggest rhino sculpture in history

By AG Staff 3 November 2017
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This Sunday the famous couple will be auctioning off all of their artworks to raise money for the project which seeks to draw attention to the last three remaining northern white rhinos.

IN AUGUST last year we reported on the ambition of two renowned artists, Gillie and Marc to build the world’s largest rhino sculpture for last year’s Sculpture by the Sea event in Sydney.

Now, the pair is auctioning off over 1000 square meters of their life’s work, in what’s been dubbed the biggest art auction of the year, to be held this Sunday at the couple’s gallery in Alexandria.

With the money raised the couple intend to create yet another Rhino sculpture, titled ‘The Last Three’ to raise awareness about the demise of the last three northern white rhinos.

“Gillie and I refuse to see the the last three Northern White Rhinos go in vain. We have dedicated our lives to creating the biggest awareness campaign in history, and stopping the misled demand for rhino horns, which are made from the same material as human fingernails,” Marc told Australian Geographic.

Gillie and Marc are intending for the Last Three sculpture to be even bigger than the one presented at last year’s Sculpture by the Sea exhibition— Shandu the Buried Rhino.  And it’s set to be unveiled in Astor Place, New York City next year.

In the proposal for their newest venture the couple detail what the new sculpture will look like.

“This interactive sculpture features three rhinos – one being ridden by Rabbitgirl and Dogman, and the other two inviting the public to climb on and be part of the rhinos run for freedom and life.”

last white rhinos

An artist mock up of The Last Three sculpture.

Bidding has already begun online with people eager to snap up a Gillie and Marc original.

Everything from the couples ‘Lost Dogs’ project, which saw the couple decorate Sydney in bright coloured pooches, making them overnight sensations, to the artists Dogman and Rabbitgirl installations are up for grabs.


Mini lolly dogman (blue) by Gillie and Marc.

The couple are encouraging people to come along to the gallery not just for the auction, but for the family-friendly entertainment and wildlife education opportunities.

“We desperately need help from the public, along with our fans and followers around the world, to make this monumental sculpture and save rhinos from extinction,” Marc said. “Awareness is the most critical issue facing the rhinos right now. So many people don’t even know what’s happening!”

“Rhino horns are worth even more than ivory, and their situation is dire. Our hope is that when people take notice of the sculpture in New York City, they’ll become more educated on the cause and start effecting real change that will save future rhino species,” added Gillie.