Koalas sighted in Dharug National Park after decades of absence

By AG Staff October 26, 2017
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Remote night-vision cameras and audio recordings have been used to identify two koalas in a Central Coast national park.

TWO KOALAS have been sighted in the Dharug National Park on the New South Wwales Central Coast for the first time in over two decades. 

The koalas— currently listed as vulnurable in NSW, were recorded by the parks remote night-vision cameras which are used to montior the area, but this is the first time they’ve captured the iconic animal. 

“It’s always great news when we discover koalas in new areas,” said NSW Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton. 

National Parks and Wildlife Service Ranger Sarah Brookes said that, despite working in the Dharug National Park for 20 years, this was the first time she’d seen koalas in the area.

koala sighting NSW

“A neighbouring land owner has also shared an audio recording with us which we were able to identify as the call of a female koala,” she said.

“This time of year marks the mating season for koalas which begins in August and lasts until February. This is a time of increased movement for koalas as they leave their trees and disperse, running the risk of crossing paths with cars and dogs.

“If you see a koala in the wild, please leave it alone and provide us with details of where you saw it so it can be recorded.”