VIDEO: brushtail possum helps itself to Bunnings feast

By AG Staff 4 September 2017
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Concerns have since mounted for the possums wellbeing.

FOOTAGE OF a brushtail possum snacking on plants from the Bunnings garden section have gone viral over the weekend, but concerns have mounted about the possums wellbeing.

The brushtail possum is known to be nocturnal so foraging for food during the day was out of the ordinary.

One expert infomed the ABC that it was likely the possum was looking for a water source and that future incidents could be prevented by providing the animals with more water sources.

“Maybe what they [Bunnings] could do is put some of the water in the birdbaths and it might help alleviate that problem.

“It’s in an urban environment … so I suspect if it’s not getting water sources readily and on these hot days may not get access to it it may have needed moisture … that’s what I imagine,” Heather Janetzki, Queensland Museum collection manager told the ABC.