Meet the Reptile Park’s new baby sugar glider triplets

By AG Staff 16 August 2017
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Tiny, Beyoncé and Lemonade are the newest additions to the Reptile Park’s big family

THE AUSTRALIAN Reptile Park has welcomed a new set of sugar gliders named Tiny, Beyoncé and Lemonade.

The triplets were handed over to the park after the tree they had inhabited was illegally cut down.

The park explained that illegal firewood collection is a major threat to wildlife, destroying the homes of birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians.

Tim Faulkner, the general manager of the Reptile Park said that the sugar gliders are steadily on the road to recovery.

“Tiny, Beyoncé & Lemonade are such gorgeous additions to our Reptile Park family. They’re development is coming along nicely with them all feeding great and gaining weight by the day,” he said.

“Tiny, Beyoncé & Lemonade will reside at the Australian Reptile Park for the next 6 months until they are big and strong enough to head out into the wild by themselves through a soft release program.”