Taronga Zoo names their new baby elephant

By AG Staff June 23, 2017
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He was officially named Jai Dee, meaning ‘good heart.’

THE NAMING CEREMONY for Taronga Zoo’s newsest addition to the family was held today, where the zoo’s baby elephant was officially named Jai Dee, meaning ‘good heart.’

Jai Dee is a part of a much larger Asian Elephant conservation program, which has welcomed 3 calves so far. 

Pak Boon, Jai Dee’s mother, welcomed the baby on the 29th of May, with the birth of the young elephant lasting just over an hour.

Jai Dee was Pak Boon’s second birth, having given birth to Tukta, who was the the first female Asian elephant calf to be born at the zoo. 

The naming ceremony is conducted in line with Jai Dee’s Thai cultural heritage. Thai monks were present thoughout the processions, as well as the Royal Thai Consul, General Nathapol Khantahiran. 

Taronga Zoo baby elephant

Baby Jai Dee with his mother. (Image Credit: Taronga Zoo)