Amazing Australian weather photos feature in new calendar

By AG Staff Writer November 2, 2016
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The Bureau of Meteorology has released its 2017 weather calendar, full of breath-taking images of Australian skies.

THE AUSTRALIAN Bureau of Meteorology has selected a collection of amazing weather photos from hundreds submitted by photographers across Australia’s states and territories to feature in its new 2017 Australian Weather Calendar.

The stunning images range from a dramatic photo of the first newly named cloud formation in over 50 years, to a carpet of hail in the Ilparpa Claypans in the Northern Territory and a perfectly captured vivid rainbow in the NSW Southern Tablelands.

The calendar is published jointly by the BOM and the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society.

“As well as the awe-inspiring weather images, every year the calendar has a different theme,” said CEO and Director of Meteorology Dr Andrew Johnson. 

“This year looks at how the Bureau engages with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and their knowledge of Australia’s weather,” he said.

Here is a selection of some of the amazing photos in the new calendar, which can be ordered online.

BOM weather calendar

Gust front approaching Mona Vale, NSW, 5 December 2014. The lumpy cloud on the left is is asperitas cloud, formed in turbulent air. Asperitas is a newly named cloud formation—the first to be added to the World Meteorological Organization’s Cloud Atlas in over 50 years. (Image: Pamela Pauline)

BOM calendar weather

Hail in the Ilparpa Claypans, Northern Territory, 13 June 2015. (Image: Chris Tangey, Alice Springs Film & Television)

BOM weather calendar

Rainbow near Binda, NSW, 11 July 2015. (Image: Flavia Jager Williams)

BOM weather calendar

Lenticular clouds over Mt Lidgbird and Mt Gower, Lord Howe Island, 13 October 2015. (Image: Rob Embury, Pale Blue Dot Photography)

BOM weather calendar

Aurora australis viewed from Mawson Station, Antarctica, 28 August 2014. (Image: Lydia Jean Dobromilsky)

BOM weather calendar

Cloud over boab trees in Derby, WA, 5 December 2010. (Image: Mieke Boynton)