The funniest wildlife photos of 2016

By AG Staff Writer October 24, 2016
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The finalists for the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have been announced and we can’t stop laughing.

WE’RE PRETTY CERTAIN that animals being either hilarious or adorable make up 99 per cent of the internet. So it can be difficult to sift through all those viral gifs, memes and YouTube clips of cats playing keyboard to find the cream of the crop.

Thankfully, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have taken care of all the hard work with their annual competition, and last week they announced the 2016 finalists – 40 chuckle-worthy photos ranging from clumsy pelicans to romantic ants.

However, this is about more than giggling at animals being funny. Conservation is at the heart of the awards, which aim to take a light-hearted approach to raising awareness through photos of wildlife that is undisturbed in its natural environment. The awards are also run in partnership with international wildlife charity, the Born Free Foundation.

Here’s a selection from the 2016 finalist photos. Enjoy! 

content owl

One very content snowy owl. (Image: Edward Kopeschny/

comedy wildlife

Mi antmor. (Image: Usman Priyona/

comedy photos

Can we not just get ONE nice photo as a family? (Image: Mario Gustavo Fiorucci/

comedy photos

…you might want to give it five minutes. (Image: Caroline Tout/

comedy wildlife photo

Look, I just needed to wear my angel wings today, okay? (Image: Adam Parsons/

wildlife photograph awards

Prepare to duel. (Image: Anup Deodhar/

comedy wildlife photo

D’oh! (Image: Rob Kroemert/

comedy wildlife photo

I really don’t want to hear about this being good luck right now. (Image: Tom Stables/

comedy wildlife photo

Look, no heads! (Image: Charles Kinsey/

comedy wildlife photo

I’m just going to hang here like this for a minute. (Image: Angela Bohlke/

comedy wildlife photo

Your face right now. (Image: Yaron Schmid/

Visit to find out more about the competition and see more hilarious wildlife photography.