Aussie comedians act as endangered wildlife to raise money and awareness

By AG Staff Writer 30 August 2016
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This funny video series publicises a new Australian web app that offers a novel way to raise money for endangered species.

“WORD ON THE street is you’re the new face of Easter,” interviewer Ash London asks Aussie comedian and TV personality Rove McManus in this light-hearted clip aimed at publicising a new wildlife fundraising app.

We can’t vouch for the scientific authority of the interviews, but the purpose is certainly a worthy one. As Rove “the bilby” says in the above video, “I don’t mean to brag, but we’re endangered,” before being informed by an off-screen producer that that’s actually a bad thing.

The new app, called Edge Pledge, was launched earlier this month by Australian environmental scientist and entrepreneur Sam Marwood to raise funds for animals at the brink of extinction. The social app incorporates a ‘challenge generator’, which gives users (aka ‘Extinction Fighters’) three unique challenges aimed at inspiring them to do something out of the ordinary.

The user’s friends, family and followers can then pledge a donation to vote for the one challenge they’d most like to see the participant try. After a period of voting the user then completes the winning challenge, documented by video or photos, and shares the results on social media.

Visit Edge Pledge to find out more and watch some more Aussie comedian-turned-wildlife interviews below.

Aussie comedian Tommy Little the eastern quoll is campaigning for equoll rights. (Source: Edge Pledge)

Melbourne-based Kiwi stand-up comedian Cal Wilson makes for a convincing – and informative – manta ray. (Source: Edge Pledge)