Top 5 stories this month

By AG Staff 28 July 2016
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Here were the five most popular stories on our website this July.

ALL THINGS OUTERSPACE and underwater captured our readers’ imaginations this month. From star gazing opportunities to amazing creatures of the deep, these were our five most-read online stories in July 2016.

1. Best images from the Marianas Trench expedition


Credit: NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, 2016 Deepwater Exploration of the Marianas

On 13 July, we shared our pick of the best images to surface from a three-month expedition exploring the depths around the Marianas Trench.

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2. Meteor shower to shine in late July

shooting stars

Image credit: Jeff Berkes Photography

In late July, the Delta Aquarid meteor shower reached its peak, with star-gazing at its best from 27 to 29 July – however, you’ll still be able to spot sporadic shooting stars until mid-August.

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3. The planets are about to align…again!


Image credit: Stellarium

Keep watching the skies after sunset next month for the chance to see all five bright planets at once – this is your last chance until October 2018.

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4. Great white shark deterrent almost 100 per cent effective


Image credit: University of Western Australia

A new study found the wearable ‘Shark Shield’ to be almost 100 per cent effective at deterring great white sharks.

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5. White whale makes appearance off Byron Bay

migaloo white whale

Image credit: Craig Parry/

Migaloo, is that you? A rare white humpback whale made an appearance off the coast of Byron Bay on the NSW north coast on 26 July.

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