7 new species of peacock spider discovered

By Gemma Chilton 30 May 2016
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A Sydney scientist has discovered seven new species of peacock spiders, the beautiful, tiny Australian jumping spiders renowned for their courtship dance.

A SYDNEY SCIENTIST and photographer, Dr Jürgen Otto, has described seven new species of peacock spider from the southern coast of South Australia and Western Australia.

Endemic to Australia, the tiny beauties (4-6mm) are renowned the world-over for their amazing courtship dances, as shown in the above video.

FEATURE: Dance of the tiny peacock spider

The latest discoveries, described this month in the journal Peckhamia, bring the total number of confirmed species in this family of jumping spiders to 48.

Jürgen discovered the new species with Perth-based spider expert, David Knowles, and described and named them with US-based spider expert David Hill.

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M. vespa peacock spider

One of the seven newly discovered species; M. vespa. (Image: Jürgen Otto / Flickr)