Flinders Island seeks Chief Wombat Cuddler

By AG Staff Writer April 1, 2016
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Following on from Derek the baby wombat’s five minutes of fame, Tourism Tasmania is seeking a Chief Wombat Cuddler to visit Flinders Island.

DEREK, THE ORPHANED baby wombat from Flinders Island stole our hearts last month when a video of him running along the beach went viral.

Now, in a clever marketing response, Tourism Tasmania is offering an Australian resident aged 18 and over the chance to be ‘Chief Wombat Cuddler’ – with the job description mostly entailing snuggles, plus three nights exploring the Island, which is located in the Bass Strait off the north-eastern tip of Tasmania.

The Chief Cuddler will give Derek’s foster parent, Kate, a break from her voluntary duties.

Entries are via this site before Saturday, 16 April.

Video source: Sean Scott Photography/ Facebook