Baby alligator hatching caught on camera

By AG Staff Writer 17 March 2016
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Footage of a baby American alligator squeezing and squeaking its way out of an egg at the Australian Reptile Park has gone viral.

“IT LOOKS LIKE a scene out of Jurassic Park!” is the refrain across national and international media, which has gone all gooey over this incredible footage of a baby American alligator hatching after 73 days of incubation at the Australian Reptile Park.

While the video has gone viral – it represents just another day in the office for Tim Faulkner, General Manager at the Park and 2015 Australian Geographic Conservationist of the Year, who captured the footage.

“It’s no surprise this video has been as popular as it is,” said Tim. “Here you have an alligator coming out of its egg, calling out for its mother – and what’s really amazing is that this is something that’s been happening for 180 million years unchanged, since before T. rex walked the Earth!”

Tim said the Park was pleased to see videos like this shared far and wide, because “in the age of iPads and TVs, it reminds people about the wildlife that’s out there and gets them thinking about wildlife conservation – and I’m not talking about another cat video!”

The baby alligator was one of 25 hatched following a successful breeding season, with all 25 baby alligators now being cared for in a heated nursery behind the scenes at the Park, which is located on the Central Coast of NSW.

The new alligators will be on display at the Lost World of Reptiles baby reptile nursery during these April school holidays.

The Australian Reptile Park has the largest population of American alligators in Australia. They are kept in a large naturalistic lagoon, with alligators living harmoniously together in a matter that isn’t possible with their more aggressive relatives, Australian saltwater crocodiles.