Everything you need to read this Australia Day

By AG Staff 22 January 2016
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From top Aussie songs, foods and inventions, to the controversy surrounding our national day – here’s the very best of our Australiana content for Australia Day.

Australian Geographic’s 100 Aussie icons

From the sacred and the profound to the almost unbelievable, here are our picks of the top 100 Aussie icons. Read more


On this day: Australia Day, 26 January

Perceptions of this national day, and its position in our collective consciousness, are as varied as Australia’s cultural heritage. Read more


Most memorable music videos filmed in Australia

Australia’s cities and landscapes have provided the backdrop for many iconic music videos. Here’s our pick of the best. Read more


Top 10 iconic Aussie foods

What foods has the young Australian nation pulled to its bosom and claimed as its own? Here are 10 to think about. Read more


Top 10 Aussie firsts we’ve never heard of

Australians have contributed some very significant firsts throughout history. Here are a few of the less well-known. Read more


20 Australian inventions that changed the world

Australians can be an ingenious bunch. Here are some of the best inventions to have come out of the nation. Read more


Top 10 classic Aussie songs

We love our icons and our music. Here are our pick of the most iconic Aussie songs of all time. Read more


Maps of Australia: charting our history

From mud maps to early town planning, historical charts of Australia’s beginnings are being digitised. Read more


And finally…

You know you’re Aussie when…

Do you know a sanger from a speedo, a chook from a cockie? Just how Aussie are you? Read more