Koala joey makes first appearance at Taronga Zoo

By AG Staff 11 June 2015
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This little female koala joey is the first one born this season at Taronga Zoo

THIS GORGEOUS LITTLE koala joey is making her presence known at Taronga Zoo, where she is the first baby koala to be born there this season.

The as yet unnamed joey has only recently begun popping her head out of mother Wanda’s pouch.

“She’s still quite shy, but we’re beginning to see her little face more and more,” said koala keeper, Laura Jones.

This is the third koala baby born to mother Wanda, as part of Taronga’s koala breeding program.

“Wanda is a very relaxed and attentive mum. She keeps her little one nice and close at all times and I’ve never seen her complain when the joey is scratching around with its claws inside her pouch,” said Laura.


“It won’t be long before she can’t fit back inside the pouch. At that point she’ll start to cuddle up with mum, only putting her head back inside the pouch to drink,” said Laura.