Year in events: Top 10 news stories of 2012

By AG Staff 14 December 2012
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From a prehistoric gun to plants that can talk, relive the year that was through our top news headlines.

These stories made up our most popular news headlines for 2012:

1. Mass spider webs cover flood-affected areas

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Spiders are weaving mass webs after being forced to higher ground in the wake of the NSW floods.

2. Australians awarded top photography prizes

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Photographs from two Australians have been named winners in the prestigious Loupe Awards for 2011.

3. Broken Hill hosts giant LEGO garden

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LEGO celebrates its 50th anniversary with a display of giant pine trees and flower clumps in outback NSW.

4. Plants can talk to each other

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Plants are known to respond to light, but they can respond to – and produce – sounds as well, new research says.

5. New Gouldian finches found in Kimberley

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Conservationists in WA’s Dampier Peninsula have discovered a breeding population of the rare Gouldian finch.

6. Darwin boy’s find could rewrite history

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A 500-year-old Portuguese gun has been found on an NT beach, and may suggest Europeans arrived earlier than thought.

7. Clouds part for 2012 solar eclipse in Queensland

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The clouds in far-north Queensland parted just in time for a view of the total solar eclipse.

8. Napoleon’s fascination with Australia revealed

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Napoleon Bonaparte, French Emperor and European conqueror, had a fondness for Australia, a new exhibition reveals.

9. Black hole caught swallowing red giant star

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A supermassive black hole has been caught in the act of swallowing up a red giant star.

10. Huge national park declared in Northern Territory

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Remote Limmen NP, on the Gulf of Carpentaria, has stunning sandstone formations, rare species and wild river systems.