Australian Geographic goes to six issues a year

By AG staff 8 July 2011
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Australian Geographic is now producing six issues a year and making available a digital version.

WE LIVE IN A WORLD where less is more, and all too often that means less quality for more price. So it’s rather a pleasure to announce that we’ve decided to increase the frequency of the Australian Geographic journal from four to six issues a year, even better value.

The change takes effect immediately, so from this issue, current subscribers will receive the rest of the issues on their current subscription bi-monthly. When you renew, your annual subscription will automatically upgrade to six issues a year.


All the benefits that AG subscribers enjoy will remain unchanged – including discounts at all Australian Geographic Stores, discounts and special offers on AG Society tours and expeditions, and subscriber-only extras with the journal, such as maps, posters and DVDs.

The editorial team is hopping with excitement at the change. We’ll now have more pages every year in which to tell great stories, and there are plenty of them out there. Over the journal’s first quarter century, perhaps the most difficult job for the editorial team was deciding which stories to exclude. This will be less of a problem in the future, and this current issue drives home the point.

In addition, we’re also providing a digital version of each issue available through the Magshop app (for iPads and iPhones), which can be bought anytime, anywhere. Stay tuned for further digital developments in this exciting area.

We know that our readers are passionate about the journal too. We look forward to the ‘new’ AG giving you more reading pleasure more often.

Ian Connellan