Top 10 features of 2010

By AG Staff 19 December 2010
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Your favourite feature articles this year revealed how to predict the weather, where to hike around Oz and which historic pubs to visit.

Predict the weather without a forecast
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Jumping online is a luxury adventurers don’t always have. Follow these 5 tips to predict what nature has in store.

18 of the best day walks in Australia
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Grab your boots, your day pack and a picnic lunch and hit the ground walking on these great Australian trails.

Lake Eyre floods again
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Lake Eyre is flooding again. See the magnificent photos of this rare event.

Top 10 Australian multi-day walks
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A jury of bushwalking experts are in with their official top 10 list of long Aussie walks.

Australia’s 8 greatest surf spots
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The best breaks and swells of Australia’s never-ending, sun-drenched coastline.

2010 AG Society Award winners
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Buzz Aldrin is among the winners of the 2010 AG Society Awards, which recognise people with an adventurous spirit and who have achieved great things.

Brunette Downs: Kingdom of cattle
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Up before daybreak, labouring under the scorching sun and coping with unruly beasts are all in a day’s work for the citizens of Brunette Downs.

The top five greatest Aussie roadtrips
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Time to go walkabout? Hit the road armed with a list of five quintessential trips.

Aboriginal astronomers: world’s oldest?
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Indigenous perspectives are adding insight to western astronomical understanding of the southern night sky.

Great Aussie pubs
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The great Aussie pub is an icon – we’ve had famous songs composed about them as well as in them. Here are the best outback drinking holes around the nation.