News: Southern evolution

By Amy Middleton 5 February 2010
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A new exhibition brings the biodiversity of South Australia into easy reach.
It’s all about biodiversity this year, and the South Australian Museum is putting on a fantastic display.

From February 12 a new permanent exhibition, dubbed the Biodiversity Gallery, will showcase the history of South Australia’s wildlife in four distinct environments: arid, temperate, coastal and marine.

The realistic looking SA landscapes, five years in the making, are re-created using synthetic modelling, taxidermy and electronic displays. Picture a nifty underwater setting, complete with soundscape, wildlife and plantlife, frozen in time for your viewing pleasure.

It’s partially aimed at kids, but fun stuff like Twilight at the gallery, Climate Change talks and and a sex tour (let us know how that goes) sound pretty family friendly.

Opening day happens to coincide with Charles Darwin’s birthday. Live performances and other activities will help the museum cut the ribbon on this 4.6 million dollar project.

Oh, and entry fee? It’s free. Sounds like a good deal to us.

For more info, visit the South Australian Museum.