Science Experiment – Nests

By AG Education 15 July 2019
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Building a nest isn’t as easy as it looks. Test your nest building skills and get a better understanding of the breeding habits of our birdlife.

About this experiment

Ever wanted to try assembling a nest like birds do in the wild? This experiment will challenge you to think like an animal and construct a shelter. You will definitely develop a stronger appreciation for the difficulty of nest construction!


  • Sticks
  • Grass
  • Rocks
  • Leaves
  • Pine needles etc
  • Newspaper
  • One egg


  1. Start thinking like a bird – what can they collect? Look in the garden for sticks, grass, leaves and any natural shrubbery in order to effectively layer and build the nest! Challenge yourself to think creatively and collect items that you think birds would utilise in the wild. Can you find any insulating materials? Collect these items from your backyard or a nearby garden – remember you can only use materials found outside!
  2. Place these items on a piece of newspaper. Familiarise yourself with the things you have collected – can you manipulate any of the pieces, can you weave the grass, can you bunch the twigs together?
  3. It is time to test your nest! – Can the egg sit in the nest without collapsing?


You may have discovered that it is surprisingly difficult to construct a bird nest! Bird nests can come in many obscure shapes and sizes so don’t be discouraged if your nest doesn’t look particularly clean – as long as it’s functional and can support an egg you’ve succeeded! If it didn’t work, try again. Different types of birds lay eggs in a variety of places – some land them in bushes, trees, in the ground or on rocky ledges, so their nests might look very different.

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