Australian Geographic Science Experiments

By AG Education | September 4, 2017

You’ve got hypotheses and we have experiments!

As part of our brand new range of science books for senior primary, the Australian Geographic team has worked up a range of experiments for you to try at school or at home. These experiments will help you learn more about  different science experiment every day! You can try these at school or at home, and they’ll help you learn more about space, volcanoes, animals and lots more. 

Earth’s Changing Surface

  • Discover how rivers can change a landscape 
  • Learn how erosion can transform the land
  • Make your own volcano

The Solar System

Extreme Weather

  • Discover how a tsunami can impact a coastline
  • Create your own tornado in a jar

Solids, Liquids and Gases

Exerting Forces

  • Discover the frictional force of different materials
  • Learn how to measure a magnetic field
  • Discover the power of a lever

Electrical Energy

  • Make your own simple circuit
  • Discover the best colour to use on solar panels
  • Make your own water bottle turbine
  • Make your own windmill

The Cycle of Life

  • Plant a sunflower and track its growth
  • Learn how a frog’s tongue works
  • Try building your own nest

Adapt to Survive

  • Discover what beaks work best when
  • Test out the insulating power of blubber
  • Study the birds that live in your own backyard

Growth and Survival