Science Experiment – Solar Panels

By AG Education 14 December 2017
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Test out the best colour to use when creating solar energy

About this experiment

Solar panels capture the Sun’s rays, convert them into electricity, and feed it into the power grid. To create efficient solar power, it is important that the panels are able to absorb as much heat from the Sun as possible. In this experiment you will learn the best colour to choose for a solar panel.


  • Equally sized ice cubes (enough to place one on each piece of cardboard)
  • Selection of different coloured cardboard (make sure you have black and white – the rest can be whatever colours you choose)
  • Scissors

Make sure you conduct this experiment outside on a sunny day!


  1. If your sheets of cardboard are different sizes, use scissors to cut them into equally sized pieces
  2. Place your squares so that they are each in full sunlight.
  3. Place an ice cube in the centre of each square
  4. Record the time it takes for the ice cube to melt on each colour of cardboard.
    On which colour does the ice cube melt the fastest? What does this tell you about that colour’s ability to absorb energy from the Sun?

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