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Venture off the beaten track in Canada

From the majestic forests of Haida Gwaii in the west to the windswept coastline of Newfoundland in the east, step away from Canada’s tourist trail to discover the country’s hidden gems. Watch grizzly bears fish for salmon in the Great Bear Rainforest and learn how lobster is king in Nova Scotia with Adventure World. If you’ve been to Canada before, it’s time to embrace your inner Jack London and listen to the “call of the wild”.


Canada’s best on-the-beaten-track adventures

With world-class cultural institutions, mind-blowing natural landscapes and a plethora of wildlife that demands your attention, Canada captivates Australians like few other countries do. Authentic travel experiences can be found in even the most popular destinations. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a lover of Canada’s classic attractions, here are the country’s very best on-the-beaten-track adventures to enjoy in summer.


Explore Snow Hill Island, Antarctica: land of the Emperor Penguin

Just when you thought your travel bucket list was full, we’ve found the ultimate adventuring experience to rival any trek through the Himalayas or snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef. A polar cruise to Snow Hill Island in Antarctica will leave you in awe of our spectacular planet. Quark Expeditions is the team to get you there.