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School of rock

While sport climbing allows you to tackle some pretty extreme terrain, trad climbing teaches you all the skills you need to climb just about anywhere. But first, you need to go to school.

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Canoeing with the kids

Get your kids into a canoe early on and they’ll learn much more than just how to paddle. It’ll teach them many essential life skills all while enjoying an awesome water adventure.

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How to camp with the kids

Taking the rug rats bush should be rewarding and fun, so here are some top tips on taking the ‘feral’ out of camping with the kids.

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Canoe paddling guide

From the shop to the shoreline, this complete guide to finding the right paddle craft and gear has got you covered. It’s time to hit the water

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Top 6 knots you need to know

Most guidebooks recommend carrying a length of rope in your kit, but do you really know what to do with it? Far from a dying art, knot tying is an ancient and valuable skill that could one day save your life – or someone else’s.