Huski Territory jacket

By Justin Walker 8 October 2014
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Go anywhere with this multi-purpose jacket

Soft-shell jackets are the ultimate multi-purpose kit. Designed to provide wind-resistance and the warmth of a fleece, as well as (in some cases) the water resistance of an outer shell, they effectively reduce the amount of layers you need for most adventures.

Huski’s Territory is an example of the multi-purpose nature of a soft-shell that leans toward the more durable side. The Territory offers a snug fit to ensure plenty of body warmth is retained, but also a flexible, stretchy design, to keep movement unimpaired.

The best feature – and one most noticeable in winter – is that the outer shell is backed with fleece lining, making it warmer than the average soft-shell jacket.

The outer fabric itself is waterproof but, oddly, the seams are not tape sealed, so the Territory can offer some water resistance but is not designed for use in extended downpours. Having said that, we did wear it in some decent showers and didn’t notice too much water ingress at the seams as the stitches are quite “tight” – it would take a heavy rainstorm to penetrate this jacket.

One area where soft shells do sometimes suffer is in their breathability; i.e., in terms of ensuring the wearer remains warm and dry, not getting damp and cold from moisture build-up from sweating during activity.

The Territory does not have pit-zips, but still offers reasonable breathability during most activities; only during a steep ascent on a hiking adventure did I notice any real moisture build-up on my arms inside the jacket.

The Territory is definitely aimed more at the colder seasons of the year; the two zip pockets at the front have fleece lining and the thick material keeps you super warm. At such an appealing price, it also represents excellent bang for your buck.

We’d recommend it as an outer layer for all but the wettest conditions.

Even then, combine its excellent warmth retention with a lightweight base layer and waterproof outer shell and you would be well prepared for just about any conditions.


RRP $139.95