VIDEO: Brisbane wingsuit flight a prelude to Grand Canyon crossing

Wingsuiters Dr Glenn Singleman and wife Heather Swan and team made the first crossing over Brisbane, in preparation for their Grand Canyon crossing
By AG Staff March 26, 2015 Reading Time: < 1

World-record setting wingsuiters Heather Swan, Dr Glenn Singleman, Roger Hugelshofer and Paul Tozer have notched up another first.

In January 2015 they made the first wingsuite crossing over Brisbane. The 6-minute flight took them 3 nautical miles over Brisbane’s key landmarks such as the Story Bridge, South Bank and the Gabba. 

Glenn and Heather, who are also known for their BASE-jumping feats, have previously flown across Sydney Harbour in 2011, Mt Connor in the Australian outback in 2008. They also set another world record when they jumped from Mt Meru in the Indian Himalaya (6672m).

In April 2015, they’re planning another world firs: wingsuit flight across the Grand Canyon in the USA, along with camerman and Paul Tozer.