GeoQuest adventure race begins

By Amy Russell 1 December 2013
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The Mountain Designs GeoQuest adventure race is on this weekend.

WHAT’S THE MOST ADVENTUROUS thing you’ve done in 48 hours? I doubt that for most of us the answer is a two day non-stop adventure race involving trekking, mountain biking, roping and kayaking. Sound crazy? Not to members of the Australian Geographic Adventure GeoQuest 2010 team. To them, it sounds like a load of fun.

Mountain Designs GeoQuest is Australia’s premier adventure race. Each year, mixed teams of four band together to test their skills and endurance levels as they navigate their way through rugged terrain spanning more than 200km, with the location of the course only revealed the evening prior. Now in its ninth year, the race is held annually on the Queen’s birthday weekend in June – except GeoQuest 2010 which kicks off this weekend on August 20-23 in Port Macquarie.

Right now, the Australian Geographic Adventure team – Sean King, Andrew Renwick, Pete Marshman and Sean O’Brien – are gearing up for this epic adventure. Kimberlee King, who normally competes as a member of team Australian Geographic Adventure but is sidelined this year due to injury, says the appeal of quest is, “the amazing combination of getting out there and having fun with your friends and pushing yourself to the limit mentally and physically.”

She also says the race locations are a huge drawcard. “The courses have a ‘wow’ factor to them. The event organisers, Craig and Louise, go out of their way to plot locations that are challenging but also really remarkable in terms of the landscape. Often throughout the race, you’ll stop in your tracks and be floored by how incredible the natural surrounds are.”

When GeoQuest 2010 kicks off on August 20, team Australian Geographic Adventure will be fitted with a GPS transmitter and you can track their progress at And after the event the team will spend the summer season preparing for next year’s Adventure Racing World Championships 2011, being held for the first time in Australia.

Not to be outdone, Australian Geographic Adventure’s editorial team plans to fly the Australian Geographic Adventure flag in an adventure race come October.  Stay tuned for our regular training posts (mishaps and all) in the lead up to the event.