Arctic sailing adventure sets sail

By Chris Bray 8 November 2013
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Adventurer Chris Bray and partner Jess Taunton have set sail on their Arctic sailing adventure.

WELL, THE DAY THAT often seemed like it would never ever come has arrived! As soon as we get this video update sent away, we’re tying our dingy on deck, saying our goodbyes and that’s it! We’re casting off on the adventure of a lifetime! Watch our little green line sail out of Halifax on our tracker position map! I can’t believe it’s happening.

Thanks for all your support and encouragement everyone – and while we’re excited to go, we are actually quite sad to be leaving all our many wonderful friends here in Halifax who have helped make this happen. We owe you all a huge debt of gratitude!

As for our first port of call, we don’t know. We’ll see how we are going, and if all is well, we may just keep going 24/7 for a day or so to get some km under our belt.

Remember you can still send us messagesthrough our website and we’ll still be able to reply etc, thanks to our awesome Iridium Satellite system – Sat phone linked up to our Macbook Pro’s running GMN’s amazing xGate compression system that makes it affordable! Keep us comany as it’ll be lonely out there!